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Card Nicknames

A Bullet; Rocket
K Cowboy
Q Lady; Girl; Mop Squeezer; Cowgirl; Bitch
J Johnny; Jackal; Knave; Hook; Fishhook; Valet;
T Dime
9 Nina Ross
8 Snowman; Ocho
7 Hockey Stick; Walking Stick; Candy Cane; Mullet
6 Boot
5 Nickel
4 Sailboat
3 Trey; Crab
2 Deuce; Duck; Quacker

Pocket Pairs

AA Pocket Rockets; American Airlines; Bullets; Two Pips
KK Cowboys; Elvis Presley; King Kong; Ace Magnets; Brokeback
QQ Cowgirls; Ladies; Siegfried and Roy; Four Tits; Bitches
JJ Fishhooks; Hooks; Jokers; Kid Dyn-o-mite; Johnnies
TT Binary; Dimes; TNT, Boxcars, Dynamite
99 Gretzky; German Virgin
88 Snowmen; Octopussy; Little Oldsmobile; Infinities; Double Infinity; Doggie Balls
77 Hockey Sticks; Candy Canes; Walking Sticks
66 Route 66
55 Presto, Speed Limit, Nickels
44 Sailboats; Midlife Crisis; Magnum; Luke Skywalker
33 Crabs; Hooters
22 Ducks; Swans; Quack Quack


AK Big Slick; Anna Kournikova; Machine Gun
AQ Little Slick; Big Chick; Mrs. Slick; Doyle Brunson
AJ Blackjack; Ajax; Jackass
AT Johnny Moss
A8 Dead Man's Hand
A3 Baskin-Robbins; Friday The 13th
A2 Acey-Deucey; Drinking Age
KQ Marriage; Royalty
KJ Kojak; King John; Bachelor Hand
K9 Canine; Dog; Fido; Sawmill; Rin Tin Tin
K3 King Crab; Alaska Hand; Three Kings
QJ Maverick
QT Q-Tip: Varkonyi
Q9 Quinine
Q8 Kuwait
Q7 Computer Hand
Q3 Gay Waiter
JT Cloutier
J7 Jack Daniel's
J6 Railroad Hand
J5 Motown; Jackson Five
T2 Doyle Brunson; Texas Dolly
96 Prom Night
83 Raquel Welch
73 Joe Hachem
54 Jesse James


Three different suits Rainbow
Two different suits Two-tone
Three face cards Paint; Picasso flop
Three low cards Rags: Ragged flop
777 Jackpot

Other Poker Hands

AK47 Machine Gun (AK-47)
A2345 Bike; Steel Wheel
AA88Q Dead Man's Hand
KKKK The Four Horsemen
KKK The Alabama Night Riders; The Three Wise Men
JJ55 Rock and Roll (Jackson Five); Motown
TTT Thirty Miles of Bad Road
666 The Devil; Satan; Lucifer; The Beast; Devil's Area Code
3333 Forest; Four Trees
222AA Marksman

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